by | July 20, 2019 | 07:55

The Mi A3 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and has eight Kryo 260 cores (four performance and four efficiency) clocked at 2GHz. "We are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Xiaomi to add another great device to the Android One portfolio this year", said Jon Gold, Director of Partner Programs, Google.

by | July 20, 2019 | 06:31

These type of teams, composed of three tanks and three support heroes that spam their defensive and healing abilities together, can lay waste to the enemy teams more or less like if they were an unstoppable wrecking ball. Skill ratings will be updated for this change, as well. Do you agree with Overwatch role lock or do you think there was a better way to battle the meta? While Quickplay and Competitive matches will follow the 2-2-2 rule, a Quickplay (Classic) option will be available in ...

by | July 20, 2019 | 02:03

In an open letter to all his fans, Willits begins by saying that "after 24 years, I chose to leave id Software after QuakeCon ". He has since been the Studio Director of multiple id projects, including DOOM's 2016 revival, Rage 2 , Quake Champions , and most recently DOOM Eternal .

by | July 20, 2019 | 01:46

The new changes are created to "quickly detect and remove accounts that repeatedly violate our policies". In the beginning, only some types of content would be allowed to be appealed like pictures removed for nudity or hate speech . But the company will now yank profiles that exceed a certain number of violations within a specific timeframe, a change that may help it better police this kind of shit .

by | July 20, 2019 | 01:30

The attackers had access to the Slack infrastructure for about four days, the company said at the time , and in the wake of the incident Slack not only reset the affected users' passwords but also released two-factor authentication capability for the service.

by | July 19, 2019 | 23:46

It will be fascinating to see what The Diamond Casino & Resort offers players and whether it may even encourage a few gamers to go on and try their hand at the real thing. From there, the player will need to help property owner Tao Cheng and Diamond staff "protect their investment from the clutches of a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates in a series of all new co-operative missions".

by | July 19, 2019 | 21:39

She added that the operating system had been in development for years and is aimed at businesses that use Internet of Things (IoT). Earlier in May, the U.S. " Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement", Andrew Williamson, Huawei's vice president of communications and public affairs, previously told Reuters .

by | July 19, 2019 | 18:42

Premium pass of $20 will give players access of exclusive DLC packs which gradually rolls out for the premium users with a lot of premium stuff. The first such paid pack - Marvel Knights - is set to release in Fall and adds Moon Knight , Blade , Punisher and Morbius to the roster.

by | July 19, 2019 | 15:59

It appears that the switch is better integrated into the YouTube Music user interface. Today's main new feature is the ability to transition seamlessly from video to audio and vice versa without any interruptions. YouTube Music may still not have access to your uploaded tracks from Google Play Music, but at least you don't have to put up with the derpy video-first focus anymore if you don't want to.

by | July 19, 2019 | 15:23

There is a workaround available for anyone playing Stadia games through the Google Chrome browser or through Pixel phones. For now, Doronichev has not confirmed when full support will arrive for the controller, but it is slated to be available at some point after launch.

by | July 19, 2019 | 13:10

Microsoft Corp on Thursday beat analysts' estimates for fourth-quarter revenue and profit, powered by continued sales increases from its cloud business and a boost from businesses upgrading Windows. Much of the growth came from its service offerings, particularly cloud computing which achieved revenue of 11 billion dollars (£9 billion) - an increase of 39% year-over-year - Microsoft said.

by | July 19, 2019 | 11:14

The rear side of the Google Pixel 4 XL is expected to be made of glass and house the triple rear camera setup encased in a square along with an LED flash. One of the three cameras has previously been suggested to be a telephoto lens . Moreover, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL are hinted to have upgraded selfie cameras, along with an improved ambient light sensor for a feature similar to Apple's True Tone Display.

by | July 19, 2019 | 06:24

Not long ago Samsung revealed the highest-capacity smartphone DRAM but - a 12GB LPDDR4X package for premium devices - but it surely's already following that up with a smarter model of the same size. With that in mind, it might seem like the 12GB RAM module is coming right in time for the Note 10, although the company doesn't mention the upcoming flagship in its press release.

by | July 19, 2019 | 04:29

The Battle Royales have never had deep and important stories, but it seems that PUBG is trying to change this situation. But it is nice to see the game try something this ambitious and, again, do anything to set itself apart from other more distinct battle royale games.

by | July 19, 2019 | 00:27

Eligible players will be able to pre-load the 15GB trial from tomorrow, July 17, at 10 am PDT. These tests will take place across two sessions so if you can't make one, be sure to block out your calendar for the other. They'll also have a character-specific bounty that allows them to earn a skull, which is the currency Arcade Mode uses for upgrades and character enhancements.

by | July 18, 2019 | 23:41

Avast reported these apps to Google which then removed them from the Play Store . Avast says the apps have already been removed by Google, but it's obviously not known how many victims they managed to make during the time they were listed in the Play store.

by | July 18, 2019 | 22:25

The new scheme provides access to the benefits of Xbox Live Gold - primarily online multiplayer and group voice chat - as well as the regularly expanding library of high-profile video games included in Xbox Game Pass . This one is one of the few Xbox Game Studios titles that has yet to join Xbox Game Pass , along with Forza Motorsport 7 and Minecraft for Windows 10.

by | July 18, 2019 | 20:31

Tell us, what do you think of Borderlands 3 so far? He did add that they are committed to supporting cross-play for Borderlands 3 but that it might only happen after the game is launch. "Tomorrow's thing is awesome, but *not em *Borderlands 3 with our partners as soon as practicable after launch". Sadly we'll have to wait a few more years for platform cross-play to be mainstream but that doesn't mean that games can't support it now.

by | July 18, 2019 | 19:12

Enhance has announced that the stunningly gorgeous Tetris Effect is coming to PC, Oculus Rift , and HTC Vive on July 23rd via the Epic Games Store . Originally released on November 9, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, Tetris Effect earned heavy praise from fans and critics alike for its enthralling visuals and application of music to its gameplay.

by | July 18, 2019 | 16:46

Super Mario Maker 2 is a side-scrolling platform game and game creation system developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch . In less than two weeks Super Mario Maker 2 has exceeded 2 million levels loaded by players, with an average of about 182,000 levels per day.

by | July 18, 2019 | 16:27

Nintendo's multiplayer mascot brawl " Super Smash Bros ". Despite releasing only five franchise entries over the last 20 years and leaving tournament organization nearly entirely up to the community, Nintendo's " Super Smash Bros ." series has become a long-lasting favorite.

by | July 18, 2019 | 11:55

And now, two years later, it has finally come to the U.S. However, since Google Pay already works on compatible LG devices, it remains to be seen if the company's proprietary payment solution will take off. LG Pay supports WMC (wireless magnetic communication), commonly known as magstripe terminals, but in this case, the user can not carry out the transaction by inserting a card inside the magstripe machine and then sliding it out, much like Samsung Pay.

by | July 18, 2019 | 11:54

In the latest update to the emojis, the holding hand emoji that is primarily used to represent couples in a relationship will now allow users to select different combinations of skin tone and gender. A petition has been running since past year asking Apple to add a trans flag to the thousands of emoji that already exist, but unfortunately have not included it in their latest announcement.

by | July 18, 2019 | 10:36

The Mi A3 offers upgraded display from the Mi A2 . Running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC, it sports a triple camera setup on the rear with a 48 MP primary camera sensor. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Mi A3 boasts of a triple-camera setup at the back. The rear camera can record 2160p video at 30fps or 1080p at up to 120fps.

by | July 18, 2019 | 07:13

Offering 83/87 damage output, the Tac Shotgun can fire 1.5 shots per second, holds eight rounds, and has a headshot multiplier of 2.25. Epic and Legendary variants of the Suppressed Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle have also been Vaulted, while the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - Rare, Epic and Legendary variants thereof - has been Unvaulted.