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by | March 20, 2018 | 15:46

In April 2012, the investigative website Mediapart published a document it said was signed by a senior Libyan figure stating the regime approved a payment of €50m to "support" Sarkozy's election campaign. Sarkozy will soon be questioned as part of the investigation of the case. The former president's alleged ties with Gaddafi came under the spotlight again in November 2016.

by | March 20, 2018 | 14:54

The JNU professors on Monday demanded registration of separate FIRs in all the eight complaints of sexual harassment filed by the students against Johri. The professors, in their petition to Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Milind Dumbere, accused the police of not following proper investigation procedure.

by | March 20, 2018 | 09:23

The director general said the outcome of the meeting, which does not have a fixed agenda, here will be "useful to the conversations that we will be having in Geneva to try and move forward on all the items". The trade environment globally is very risky at this point of time. Some local industries have suggested the government seek an exemption alongside other US allies instead of raising complaints with the WTO.

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Siemian had an inkling he'd be on his way out while the Broncos turned over the quarterback room, signing former Vikings starter Case Keenum last week. "I'm here for Kirk". Siemian had surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder in January. "I want to win a bunch of games here and continue the roll this organization has been on recently".

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed on March 19 that his testimony at a 2017 Diet session in which he said he would step down as prime minister if he or his wife were involved in the heavily discounted sale of state property to school operator Moritomo Gakuen did not affect the Ministry of Finance's move to tamper with documents regarding the land deal.

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The trials showed the pill can be given safely for more than one dose, but did not yet test for its success as contraception. The prototype pill-dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU)-is somewhat similar to the combined female pill, which contains estrogen and a steroid hormone.

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The documents show that Cruz was very much on the radar screen of mental health professionals and the Broward County school system, yet very little appears to have been done other than these evaluations. That would have made it more hard for Cruz to obtain a gun legally. He had written the word " kill " in a notebook, told another student he wanted to buy and use a gun, and had claimed to have consumed gasoline and vomited.

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On the off chance that you locate this calming, continue perusing. According to the study by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the state ranked third, at 652, in the total number of alcoholic drinks consumed per year at the time of heavy drinking episodes by people who reported being binge drinkers.

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In 2013, Mr Kapil Sibal's lawyer-son, Amit Sibal , had filed a defamation case against the Delhi Chief Minister for alleging that the Congress leader had a conflict in seeking to revise a tax demand on telecom major Vodafone. I regret the remarks. In a letter addressed to Mr Majithia, the AAP convener said, "In the recent past I made certain statements and allegations regarding your alleged involvement in drug trade".

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The then prime minister Tony Abbott described her as an "icon of democracy" and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said it was Ms Suu Kyi who inspired her to get into politics. "All of this happened because of ARSA". "It is not the intention of the Myanmar government to apportion blame or to abnegate responsibility". "Those who are putting pressure like this need to be careful that doesn't become encouraging terrorists".

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Earlier, Vladimir Chizhov, Russia's ambassador to the European Union, had hinted that the nerve agent may in fact have come from Porton Down, the UK's specialist defence research... She warned that Britain "will never tolerate a threat to the life of British citizens and others on British soil from the Russian government". This diplomatic crisis has plunged Russia-U.K.

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Sunday is also likely to see further snow , especially for parts of the South West, where as much as 25cm could fall on higher ground. Heathrow Airport said "extreme wintry weather " is expected, adding: "In preparation, we've worked with our airlines to consolidate Sunday's flight schedule, moving passengers on to fewer flights".

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Iran and the U.S. may hold talks on 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in the Austrian capital of Vienna , the media reported . In October, Trump told Congress he could not certify that the agreement was in the national interest but stopped short of pulling the United States out.

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Researchers at the Statue University of New York (SUNY) found an average of 10 microplastic particles per liter of water. The BBC also reported on Thursday that the World Health Organization would be investigating the "state of knowledge" around microplastics to determine whether they can have a negative impact on human health.

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That could have been a huge emotional swing, but the Bulldogs kept their cool. But I thought the killer was when those offensive rebounds or rebounds that we had on our hands, they were able to get those. Butler's team motto this season personifies a group that has flown under the radar all year but reached its fourth straight NCAA Tournament despite a head coaching change in June.

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We stand with Parkland... The walkout, which occurred during a scheduled break at Oak Ridge, marked the one-month anniversary of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., where 17 people were killed and 14 were injured. "As a district, we will follow our handbook for any such walkout", the statement said, according to Fox4. "However, another narrative of the walkout was to show that enough is enough".

by | March 17, 2018 | 23:22

The video footage does not contain sound, but last week the sheriff's office released dispatch recordings that showed what Peterson said during the shooting. The video captured him hurrying across the campus as the massacre was unfolding and then - while, police said, the shooting continued - standing outside for several minutes without seeming to take cover.

by | March 17, 2018 | 23:14

He said the apology not only reflected the Aam Aadmi Party national convenor's political inexperience but also appeared to be a desperate attempt to reduce the burden of defamation cases against him before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP also alleged that he was doing nothing even while the people of the national capital were facing a number of issues due to sealing. "Arvind Kejriwal has deceived Punjabis by tendering an apology to Majithia".

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He unveiled the plaques marking laying of foundation stone of National Sports University, 1,000 Anganwadi Centres, 19 residential complexes for teachers, doctors and nurses, 25 Sadbhavana Mandaps, improvement of road between Koirengei-Sekmai, eco-tourism at Cheirao Ching and cave tourism project at Khangkhui cave.

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In the elections carried out yesterday, the communist leader achieved 39,275 votes, while Kupai Laxmi Rai, the candidate from the opposite Nepali Congress, hardly achieved 11,730. Nagarik newspaper Editor Tilak Pathak said Bhandari had secured the backing of her party after playing a key role in a pre-election alliance between the UML and Maoists, which brought victory to the group.

by | March 17, 2018 | 11:25

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief on Thursday apologised to the Shiromani Akali Dal leader in Punjab for making allegations of involvement in the drug trade, following which the latter said that he will withdraw a defamation suit filed in an Amristar court.

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Sheriff Scott Israel blasted Peterson eight days after the shooting, saying the deputy should have entered the building immediately, "addressed the killer, killed the killer". He said: "Let there be no mistake, Mr Peterson wishes that he could have prevented the untimely passing of the 17 victims on that day, and his heart goes out to the families of the victims in their time of need".

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He said he was "sure they were thinking of their children" when they fled once they realized the officers who pulled them over in an unmarked vehicle belonged to ICE, not local police. "As in this case, drivers and passengers stop, after being signaled to pull over, believing the officers to be police, but only come to learn after being approached, questioned, and arrested that the officers are actually ICE", Pasquarella said.

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Out of the 200 students, organizers say the majority of them will become doctors in the NY area. Whether it's in Chicago or across the country in Los Angeles, each student committed to three to seven years of perfecting their craft in family medicine, pediatrics, neurological surgery and much more.

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The firing jeopardizes that benefit, although it was not immediately clear how much he might lose. Mr. McCabe, a 21-year F.B.I. veteran, was eligible for a government pension if he retired on Sunday. "I can tell you that the majority, the vast majority of Federal Bureau of Investigation employees, enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey", Mr McCabe said.