SpaceX launches used rocket and spacecraft for first time ever

SpaceX launches used rocket and spacecraft for first time ever

SpaceX will launch a recycled Falcon 9 rocket in tandem with a Dragon spacecraft previously used in a 2015 mission.

Notably, the mission marked SpaceX's long-awaited return to Cape Canaveral's Space Launch Complex-40 since the company lost a Falcon 9 in a spectacular explosion last September.

According to The Verge, SpaceX began re-flying used rockets earlier this year, but this represents the first time NASA has signed off on their reusable rocket technology for a supply mission, marking a major endorsement for the reusable rocket technology.

The launch window opens at 10:36 a.m. ET.

After the launch, the California-based company headed by Internet tycoon Elon Musk landed its rocket booster upright on solid ground at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Following the successful launch of the first reused rocket in March, Musk revealed he'd already set his eye on a far more ambitious goal - reflight within 24 hours.

Packed in the capsule's pressurized compartment are almost 1,000 pounds of crew supplies, almost 2,900 pounds of science material, spacewalk equipment, space station hardware and computer components.

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'Taking additional time for the team to conduct full inspection and cleanings due to detection of particles in 2nd stage fuel system, ' SpaceX tweeted. The booster, which will generate 5.1 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, is scheduled for its maiden flight in January.

The launch of the Commercial Resupply Services 13 mission.

The firm has carried out a number of flights this year, a handful of which involved flight proven rockets. Among the experiments is one sponsored by beer-giant Budweiser to learn more about how microgravity affects barley seeds.

The mission is part of SpaceX's ongoing partnership with NASA to complete unmanned trips to the International Space Station.

NASA refurbished the Gemini 2 capsule, which was launched for a short mission in 1965, and re-used it as for a test mission for the Air Force's experimental (and aborted) Manned Orbital Laboratory project.

Six people are now on board the space station - three NASA astronauts, two Russian cosmonauts and one Italian astronaut.

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