FCC should delay its net neutrality decision

FCC should delay its net neutrality decision

More than 5,000 people have reported that comments on the proposed repeal of net neutrality were falsely made under their names, according to the probe.

He said the state will take steps to protect consumers regardless of how a vote by the Federal Communications Commission on a plan to undo the country's net-neutrality rules turns out.

"There's about as much chance of this soft touch or voluntary approaches to net neutrality working, as there would be to getting my 10-year-old son, William Peter Wyden, to voluntarily limit the number of desserts he eats", Wyden said in a recent appearance on OPB's "Think Out Loud".

Pai's proposal marks a victory for big internet service providers such as AT&T Inc, Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc that opposed the rules and gives them sweeping powers to decide what web content consumers can get.

"You claim the FCC provided public participation and transparency by receiving millions of comments and permitting additional comments during the past two weeks, after it published the interim draft rule", Schneiderman wrote in the letter to General Counsel Thomas Johnson Jr. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the FCC would "return the internet to a consumer-driven marketplace free of innovation-stifling regulations".

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Democrats and Silicon Valley companies argued that content providers can not compete on an even playing field without net neutrality.

Meanwhile, Sen. Susan Collins of ME, and representatives Dave Reichert of Washington, Mark Sanford of SC, and John Curtis of Utah - all Republicans - have recently expressed support for net neutrality and indicated they are skeptical of the FCC proposal, the International Business Times reported.

The breaking of ranks from Republican lawmakers comes as a poll from the University of Maryland shows that the net neutrality rules have wide support among the party's voters, the Washington Post reported. The trade group Internet Association also said they will consider legal options.

Net neutrality advocates have also expressed that the FCC's change may punish those who do bad behavior but do not provide any means to prevent it. On Wednesday, more than 100 House Republicans signed a letter urging Pai to move forward with the repeal.

"Unfortunately, I realize we do not address that at all", CTO Eric Burger said in an email.

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