Video captures Florida doctor screaming at patient for complaining about wait

Video captures Florida doctor screaming at patient for complaining about wait

"All they had me do was pee in a cup to see if I'm pregnant. ummm I know I'm not". "I know I'm not".

Stipe alleged that a doctor at the clinic got mad when she demanded her money back and "proceeded to cuss (her) out".

Stipe said he shoved her daughter when she tried to grab the phone back.

But later that night the Gainesville Police Department did open a criminal investigation, according to spokesman Officer Ben Tobias, reported.

Gallogly also said the video is heavily edited and taken out of context.

"Get the fuck out of my office", the doctor told the mother, Jessica Stipe, who posted about the incident Monday on Facebook.

The video has been viewed 250,000 times on Facebook, as of Wednesday afternoon.

A video appears to show a Gainesville, Florida, doctor berate a patient after she reportedly complained about long wait times.

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Instantly, the doctor said: "Are you kidding me?" It's 7:45 and we've already been working on you.

They go back and forth for a few seconds until Stipe says she wants to leave.

"Then, fine, get the hell out", the doctor replies, pointing toward the door.

Stipe wrote in the caption that she was "severely sick" and went to Gainesville After Hours clinic for a check-up. "Go to the ER and wait for nine hours", the doctor can be heard saying. My daughter recorded it because they were so rude. "I got seven rooms back there", Gallogly snapped before asking her if she even wanted to be seen. At that point, Gollogly grabs the girl's phone and walks away with it before the video ends.

The Gainesville After-Hours Clinic's website said on a since-deleted page that Gallogly graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 2001 and completed his residency in family medicine at Alachua General Hospital. The clinic didn't respond to the Gainesville Sun's request for comment, either.

As the video gained steam, Gallogly on Wednesday released a statement, along with statements from his staff and the police report.

"Ms. Stipe had been increasingly belligerent and abusive to the office staff, cursing and threatening them with violence, because she was unwell and had been waiting to seen by me for more than an hour", Gallogly wrote in a statement obtained by WCJB.

"I went to the front desk only because after Ms. Stipe received her refund, she refused to leave the office, and continued her abusive behavior towards staff".

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