Trump says Puerto Rico can't get aid 'forever'

Trump says Puerto Rico can't get aid 'forever'

President Donald Trump has just threatened to pull FEMA out of Puerto Rico. It wasn't immediately clear what prompted the president's reference to her on Twitter.

"Electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes", Trump said in a subsequent tweet, also citing a lack of accountability on the island.

We call for an expansive "Marshall Plan" like approach for Puerto Rico's recovery and reconstruction.

To clarify, that's the president of the United States (1) doubling down on his claim that, really, the commonwealth brought this on itself; (2) suggesting that, despite the fact that almost 90 percent of people are still without power and some may be drinking from Superfund sites because they don't have clean water, the federal government is about ready to wash its hands of the situation; and (3) implying that the people of Puerto Rico are pulling a fast one on him, trying to take advantage to extract more aid than they really need.

It is a disaster, and a disaster of Trump's own making.

He added that the island territory's existing debt and infrastructure issues compounded problems.

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Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Roger L. Parrino said, "I am witnessing first-hand the devastation and destruction facing the people of Puerto Rico".

"Our goal is to make sure that the Hispanic community understand that we value Latino cultures and origins and we want to celebrate that", Carol Flores from the STCC Hispanic Association told 22News. "We want them to be safe, and sound, and secure, and we will be there every day until that happens". "With his continued focus, championing the critical needs in Puerto Rico, we have been able to connect with many like-minded organizations to fill not only our own flights with supplies and critical personnel, but to be able to deliver an additional 110 tons of supplies thanks to the generous support of our fellow New York Airline, Atlas Air". Puerto Rico didn't take a credit card and go out and buy big screen TVs or pave their roads in gold. Hassett "has a contrarian view from other economists and says that corporate tax cuts primarily help workers, not companies", The Washington Post notes. Puerto Rico's financial problems are largely the US government's fault. It was days before recovery could begin. Instead of going out of his way to turn this chaotic situation into something one would expect from the American government, Trump has chose to attack the whole island via Twitter. Donald Trump is trying to downplay the damage done by the hurricanes.

"Why do you continue to treat Puerto Ricans differently than other Americans when it comes to natural disasters?"

This shipment is the latest in a long line of efforts by NY to help Puerto Rico in their time of need.

"Sixteen people versus in the thousands", Trump said. This will help the island stabilize its finances, prevent an even greater outmigration to the mainland and unleash Puerto Rico's full economic potential and capacity in a sustainable way.

Two: Trump is a white supremacist.

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