Schumer: Trump must withdraw drug czar pick

Schumer: Trump must withdraw drug czar pick

Rep. Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, Trump's nominee to be drug czar, talking during an episode of The Wilkow Majority on SiriusXM Patriot on July 2016.

The announcement came in response to a news report exposing how a law enacted a year ago allegedly raised the bar the Drug Enforcement Administration must meet to stop distribution of controlled substances being shipped to suspected diverters.

"Tonight I am calling on President Trump to withdraw the nomination of Rep. Marino".

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia on Monday called on Trump to withdraw Marino's nomination.

In the past, the congressman has said the DEA was too aggressive and needed to work more collaboratively with drug companies.

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It weakened DEA efforts against drug distribution companies that were supplying corrupt doctors and pharmacists who peddled narcotics to the underground market. A version of the bill became law in 2016.

The industry worked behind the scenes with lobbyists and key members of Congress, including Marino, pouring more than a million dollars into their election campaigns, the newspaper reported.

The pharmaceutical companies defended the law as "an effort to ensure that legitimate pain patients receive their medication without disruption", according to the Post.

The reported move from members of Congress to side with the drug industry's lobbying arm is concerning, given that deaths from opioid overdoses continue to soar. "What they wanna do, is do what they wanna do, and not worry about what the law is".

President Trump said Monday that he will "make a change" if the actions of his drug czar nominee during the opioid crisis have been "negative". Manchin, whose state has been among the hardest-hit by the opioid epidemic, said he was horrified at the accounts of the 2016 law and Marino's role in it.

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